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  • Kira4real

    Call for Admins

    October 23, 2014 by Kira4real

    Due to the latest incident on this wiki I feel it is time to award new admin roles to people on this wiki as we only seem to two active admins right now (me and StillAlive). 

    Comment on this blog and tell me what skills you can offer us and I will start by awarding you a "Rollback" Position and will agree a specific Primary Role for you to have on the wiki.

    If you then continue to prove your worth upon the wiki as time goes by I may then award you a "Sysop" Position.

    Primary Roles can include the following...

    • Wiki Discussion
    • Article Quality Control 
    • Anti-vandals 
    • Category article management
    • Making and managing templates
    • Image management 
    • Repairing links
    • Chat moderators

    (plus anything else that can be determined by what skills you think you can offer)  …

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  • Kira4real

    There are currently 5 bureaucrats on the Death Note Wiki, including myself and MarleneZ and we now feel that 5 is more than needed.

    The other 3 have not made regular contributions to the wiki, so MarleneZ and I wish to ask the higher wikia staff to have the other 3 bureaucrats demoted from their bureaucrat status.

    The 3 bureaucrats are known as 'Dremler', 'Dreamanderson' and 'Dragonrider99'.

    • Dragonrider: 45 edits, last edit made on August 4, 2007
    • Dreamanderson: 431 edits, last edit made on May 20, 2010
    • Dremler: 244 edits, last edit made on May 11, 2012 (however the last edit he made was just on a talk page, the last time he edited an article was actually back in february)

    We have left all 3 of them messages asking them to contribute more and to …

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  • Kira4real

    When I edit the Manga Chapter pages and insert the templates, I always seem to end up with having two braces “}}” appear right above the template on each page [See image below].

    Can anyone explain to me why those braces are appearing on each page above the templates?

    I am finding them a bit annoying and I want to get rid of them but I can’t figure out how. Can anyone explain how to me, or at least just tell me why they think the braces are appearing?

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  • Kira4real

    moving fanon pages

    April 9, 2012 by Kira4real

    I have moved the Alternative Ending page to the death note fanon wiki, because it’s clearly more fanon. I left it exactly the same, just on a different wiki now. I think I may add an article about it to the myths page.

    I am moving a lot of the fanon content from the primary death note wiki onto this wiki seeing as this wiki is for the fanon content. Next I should move the "Leaked" Death Note film script over there as well.

    Does anyone think I was wrong to do that? I can always undelete the page. But at most I think the most plausible fanon should go on the myths page

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  • Kira4real

    I just finished linking all the anime episodes together via their templates and it sure was some boring work. I have also been linking all the chapters together via their templates but I still have a lot more to do for them.

    One of the most annoying things I am coming across is that fact that some of the anime episodes and manga chapters have the same names which has caused a lot of mis-linking. Seeing as the manga is the top cannon all anime episodes with same names like in chapters now end with the word “(episode)” in their title, Love (episode), decision (episode), Matsuda (episode) ect.

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