Due to the latest incident on this wiki I feel it is time to award new admin roles to people on this wiki as we only seem to two active admins right now (me and StillAlive). 

Comment on this blog and tell me what skills you can offer us and I will start by awarding you a "Rollback" Position and will agree a specific Primary Role for you to have on the wiki.

If you then continue to prove your worth upon the wiki as time goes by I may then award you a "Sysop" Position.

Primary Roles can include the following...

  • Wiki Discussion
  • Article Quality Control 
  • Anti-vandals 
  • Category article management
  • Making and managing templates
  • Image management 
  • Repairing links
  • Chat moderators

(plus anything else that can be determined by what skills you think you can offer) 

So now comment away and tell me what you can do.

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