Note: You may have to view this in the editing form just to see the coding correctly

Mikizuki made some cool new templates for the Manga chapter pages which I manage and so I tried them out.
On the Manga chapter page called prediction was struggling with working out what the coding was to put into the previous and next columns to link the page to the chapters before and after it.
At first I wrote code like:
{Chapter|previous=use} and {Chapter|next=lies}
Which didn’t work at all but then I somehow came to using code like:
previous=use and next=Lies
Which actually worked but left the writing for links in quite a mess, and then somehow came to use code going:
use and Lies
And that coding was perfect, worked just fine and looks real nice. Now I have to do the same for over 100 more templates in over a 100 more wiki pages.

Kira4real 22:20, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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