There are currently 5 bureaucrats on the Death Note Wiki, including myself and MarleneZ and we now feel that 5 is more than needed.

The other 3 have not made regular contributions to the wiki, so MarleneZ and I wish to ask the higher wikia staff to have the other 3 bureaucrats demoted from their bureaucrat status.

The 3 bureaucrats are known as 'Dremler', 'Dreamanderson' and 'Dragonrider99'.

  • Dragonrider: 45 edits, last edit made on August 4, 2007
  • Dreamanderson: 431 edits, last edit made on May 20, 2010
  • Dremler: 244 edits, last edit made on May 11, 2012 (however the last edit he made was just on a talk page, the last time he edited an article was actually back in february)

We have left all 3 of them messages asking them to contribute more and to see if they are still dedicated to the wiki, however none of them have replied. Because of this we feel that they should be demoted.

MarleneZ and I are a good team as bureaucrats and we have done very good work with the wiki. We fully believe she and I should be the only ones with bureaucrat accounts.

We would like for everyone to comment on this blog so that the Staff at Wikia can see Death Note wiki's opinion.

Please comment on this blog with your backing support :)

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