The new layout is live!

I think I got all the main code that needs to be updated for readability, and I'll keep making tweaks to the rest. If you spot anything that could use an improvement, drop me a note!

Stuff still to do:

  • Main page header images. For now, I put in a quick fix to invert the images, which is why they appear white. I'll look into updating them though.
  • Main page sub-header styles.
  • Chat fixes. The chat room's night/day view options are now both black, so that's useless. Will need to get around to implementing display options.
  • Tabber tabs look kinda funny.
  • Manga navigation box image. The death note image is hard to see, maybe find a new image.
  • Site needs like 100% more silhouettes of Ryuk flying.
  •  ????

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