I've mentioned before that I'm in favor of migrating to the new infobox markup, called portable infoboxes. They have some neat features, like groups and collapsible sections, and they should display correctly across multiple devices. (If you've tried to view a page here on your smartphone lately, you'll know what I'm talking about.) You can read more about them here. I've made one infobox for testing, which is currently in use on the Death Note (TV drama) page.

The wiki already has a nice color theme and setup going with the existing templates, and I'd like to preserve that. Styling the new infoboxes will require an admin to do it in the community's CSS code, which you can read more about here. Today, I used Chrome to mess with the CSS of the new infobox locally (just on my own browser) to see how similar I could make the new ones to the old ones. With a bit of effort, I got it moderately close to what the current Human infobox looks like, and I could go further but this was just a test. Here's a look:

Infobox test

So I'm confident that the new infoboxes could work for our wiki, if there's interest among the admin to allow the styling.

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