• Liana Lawliet

    i have been working on this fanfiction for sometime now. it has amaing story line. and plot twists. of course its currently about L. and my rpc character Lia Lawliet. which is L's twin sister before they were sperated. In the story; L and lia have to face many struggles and hardships while being seperated. but what is worse for both is what happens to lia and L's mother. She dies. in front of lia by a man whom held a deathnote within his hand. now i wont spoil the entire story for you so i wont lol. but if anyone and i mean anyone will or love top read the story i will be posting it in a few days. maybe sooner. ok?

    death is only another life 14:56, August 12, 2010 (UTC)

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