Editing (Template) 1

The box containing Ryuk's picture and info is a template.

Templates are an important part of every wiki, so it's important that you know how to edit them. Templates are fairly easy to edit, although they might look complicated in the article.

A template usually takes the form of a box that contains a characters information. I will be using Ryuk's page as an example.

To edit the template, click the Edit button at the top of the article, near the characters name.

Editing (Template)

Example 2. Holding mouse over green box causes Ryuk's template box to appear.

Editing (Visual mode)

Example 1.

While you're in Visual Mode, put your mouse over the green box ( shown in Example 1). Another box will pop up on your screen. This is the template. (Note: If you move your mouse away from the template, it will go away. Hold your mouse over the green box again and it will come back.) At the bottom of the template pop up is an Edit button. Click it (shown in Example 2).

Editing (Template) 2

Example 3.

After you've clicked the Edit button, you will be able to edit the template. When you edit the template, it will look like Example 3.

You are now editing the template.

Now let's go over putting information in the template.

Images: Images are added in two ways. (Note: Do not put spaces inbetween the information when editing.)

  • [ [ File: the name of the Image .jpg ] ].

Using Ryuk's page as an example: [ [ File: Ryuk _ In _ Anime .jpg ] ]

  • [ [ Image: the name of the Image .jpg | size of the Image ] ].

Using Misa's page as an example: [ [ Image : Misa-Misa (blanc et noir) .jpg | 175px ] ]

Links: Links are added by putting a page name in brackets.

  • Put the name of a page in brackets, with no spaces between the brackets and the word.

Without spaces, [ [ Wammy's House ] ] turns into Wammy's House.

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