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  • MisaRestInPeace

    When Ryuk said this I couldn't help but wonder why. He said all who use the notebook end up miserable and in pain. Is this to atone for their wrong doings? Since Soirichiro never once used the notebook he died happy believing his son was not Kira. If he had said this and he was highly respected why did Mogi and Aizawa continue to suspect Light? Isn't that just a complete slap in the face to him? But they all do end up miserable which I wonder why?! They already killed a lot of people and thats what Shinigami do EVERDAY! So why do they die miserably? (Spoilers) Light dies in agony of being beaten, Misa commits suicide, Mikami dies (suicide in anime, went crazy and died in prison in manga) Takada commits suicide (anime.) It isnt even their f…

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