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  • MissUchihaNara

    Hahahaha YES I AM STILL ALIVE! I was actually really busy these four (oops) months since school was nearing its end. Anyways, I'm just going to start wrapping up this long long review :)

    "Death Note: Not the end"

    As you might have guessed already, I love Death Note. It has been and always will be one of my favorite anime/manga of well all time I hope. I love it so much I really can't get enough of it. Why do I love it so much? ell, if you've ever tried searching up something like "anime like death note" you won't get any. Maybe Mirai Nikki is close (eh not really) but to be honest, Death Note is just...a masterpiece. It wasn't copied off of other stories 24/7, it was real creative talent and imagination. It's unique, and I'm a sucker for uni…

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  • MissUchihaNara

    Death Note Review VI

    February 24, 2014 by MissUchihaNara

    Oh. My. Cookies. SIX months guys, I haven't been posting in six months. I'm so sorry. Life was just getting really heated up for me.

    "Anime or manga??!!"

    So my topic today isn't technically about the CHARACTERS in Death Note. It's more on the anime and manga. To be honest, I personally like the manga better because that's where it all started, PLUS, there were more details to it. I watched the anime only because, well, I must admit, I had begun to realize that Death Note had already ended....and it's not a very long series either. The whole of it gave me really intense feels and I felt really attached to it, so haha surprise surprise, I ended up watching not only the anime but the movie as well. The movie wasn't THAT good but um let's not ta…

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  • MissUchihaNara

    Death Note Review V

    September 30, 2013 by MissUchihaNara

    Ok, my Death Note Review part 5....(damn, this was a lot longer than I thought)

    So I guess I'd want to talk about "Rem and Misa Amane".

    Ok, I have to be honest with you. Like I said waaayyy earlier, I was always drifting a bit, not on the good or bad side. Just in between. And even if I was on one side, I didn't stay there for long. Like, I'm mostly on L's side but there were a few times when I was like "Go Light!". Wait, I'm just blabbering now. Ok, so to the point: I hated Misa.

    ..............................OK! You caught me. I guess I would be lying if I said I hated Misa. But for the most part, I hated her. Like absolutely hated her. She was 1.annoying 2.ugly 3.useless. And she was just like, a total slut. Okaaayyy I think this is gettin…

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  • MissUchihaNara

    Death Note Review IV

    September 22, 2013 by MissUchihaNara

    Hello again~~

    I apologize for not being on for so long- I had business to attend too (lol so formal). I guess what I'd want to talk about right now would be...."Matsuda".

    Matsuda is an interesting character. He's the goof in the story, the one who lighten things up a bit, and he believed in Light throughout the entire story. I like Matsuda, he's a good person so I find it intriguing how much he believed in Light. Although Aizawa, Ide and even Mogi were very doubtful of Light after Near's appearance, Matsuda held strong. He believed in Light. He trusted Light. But when Light finally admitted to being Kira, I found it interesting how much it affected Matsuda's feelings. He said that Light's father, Soichiro, had sacrificed so much to try to fi…

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  • MissUchihaNara


    Well, let's begin: "Let's talk about Near and Mello"

    So, Near and Mello. L's two successors. Rivals. I found their relationship most interesting. If you take a glance at them, they were just rivals. But they seem more than that. (I'm not talking about yaoi) They seem to have a kind of friendship too. I love how Near started to eat chocolate in honour of Mello at the end. And I find it so interesting how when Mello came to retrieve his picture, Near was like, shoot me. It was like he knew Mello might not actually shoot him. I actually was interested in what might happen if Halle didn't interfere.

    Near and Mello are almost like complete opposites, and sometimes I find it hard to believe that Mello His emotions s…

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