Hello again~~

I apologize for not being on for so long- I had business to attend too (lol so formal). I guess what I'd want to talk about right now would be...."Matsuda".

Matsuda is an interesting character. He's the goof in the story, the one who lighten things up a bit, and he believed in Light throughout the entire story. I like Matsuda, he's a good person so I find it intriguing how much he believed in Light. Although Aizawa, Ide and even Mogi were very doubtful of Light after Near's appearance, Matsuda held strong. He believed in Light. He trusted Light. But when Light finally admitted to being Kira, I found it interesting how much it affected Matsuda's feelings. He said that Light's father, Soichiro, had sacrificed so much to try to find Kira...while Kira was his own son. He died believing that Light was innocent. He died defending Light till the end. (Okay, these are obviously not Matsuda's exact words.) Matsuda then shot Light several times, even threatening to kill him himself. Just by observing his actions and words and facial expression, you can tell just how shocked and disappointed he is. He was affected very deeply. (That breaks my heart :'()

In the manga, they show what happens after Kira's death. Matsuda is shown going to work with Ide and in the car, they have a nice long (eh, not really) talk. Matsuda says that Near might have written Mikami's name in the death note, etc, and Ide says that it was just his wish. Matsuda was very fond of Light...we can all see that. But was his suspicion his wish or what could have been true? The end of the manga really made me think that maybe...Matsuda isn't that stupid after all. :D

~Bye now! Until next timeMissUchihaNara (talk)MissUchihaNara

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