Just as a precaution im asking that no one speak to new users unless they have been part of wikia for a long time. If it is a completely new user that hasn't edited on any other wiki then we should assume that it is the vandal and not speak to him at all. He has been known to make account names that are intimidating and hurtful to other users, somewhat copies others users usernames, and usernames that typically end with numbers. He sometimes tries to get his other accounts unblocked by saying it wasn't him. There are many ways that we can tell if it is him or not. Like this new user is 99% him since like the vandal this user tries to act dumb and only really replies on talk page posts. He is very intelligent for a troll/vandal and will try to get to you and mess with your mind but please just do not respond. If he returns i ask that you report it to and he will deal with him right away and if he's not on contact No reply is needed for this thread considering it will just make him happy if there's a whole thread about him.

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