Everyone knows about the chat on this wikia? Well, it's only used by less than 3 people. The chat can be fun and the people who use it daily can explain. Since, most of you are Death Note fans. We Rp on there for Death Note. We use our favorite characters and make up stories if you didnt know what Rp'ing was. I am one of the people that go on the chat everyday. My best friend is also seen on it most of the time. Just remember that the chat is open for everyone to see and we hope to see new people on it. We welcome long as you don't 'Troll'


^ That is the Death Note Chat link. Click on it and it will lead you straight to the chat! Remember, have a good attitude and we will return with a good attitude back.

Just once....:

Even if you may not like the chat, please come on to see what it's like first. If you like it, my friends and I will enjoy talking to you! If you don't like it, I would understand. Thank You for reading this and make sure to comment if you agree or disagree with people going on the chat!! ^_^ First make sure to have an open mind to new ideas and possibilities posted by other users!

Thank you again:

Oldworldblues42 here. Want to know more about me? My page is here

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