Hey people! I wanna ask you a question. Which Death Note theme do you like better?

1: The World performed by "Nightmare". Episodes 1-19. My personal favourite(yes, I spell favourite with a u, I'm Canadian.) since there isn't any swaring, it's ridiculously catchy (seriously, I whistle it everywhere I go) and it fits the theme of psycological thriller perfectly. Just listening to it gets my heart pumping. Wow, I italiicized a lot of stuff here.

2:What's up, people?! performed by.. um... MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, apparently? Episodes 20-37. I personally don't like this one much. It consists more of screaming than singing, and, according to some translations, contains one of the worst sware words, which I can't stand.

Lemme know your thoughts on each one in the comments. BAI!

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