Episode transcripts have the entire dialogue of episodes. Certain things should be done when certain things happen. I will explain what to do when a certain even comes up.

When a character is talking:

  • if a character is talking, use only their first name, or their last, name, if that is what they are most often referred to as (e.g. Light Yagami = Light, Touta Matsuda = Matsuda)
  • add a link to character pages, but only when they first talk [or, if they are mentioned before they talk, then the link should be added there instead]
  • if a character is talking in a certain way (e.g. over a two-way radio, with a voice modifier, etc.) add this in the dialogue portion, not with the name (e.g. !Light |([Over the phone]). This goes for thinking, singing, whispering, etc. as well
  • if the character is unnamed, say something about them to specify who is speaking (e.g. Student, Man, Woman, etc.). If there is more than one person like this, then add numbers after (e.g. Student 3)


  • all transitions should be in the dialogue column (e.g. ! |[The next day])
  • when time has passed but we are still in the same place, please state this
  • if location changes, state this
  • if location changes and there is a page for said location, add a link
  • adding details like camera panning out, etc. is great


  • if someone is sighing, laughing, scratching their head, etc. then add this in the dialogue section
  • if a long series of actions that refers to the actions of multiple individuals happens, give it it's own dialogue section
  • if someone says something off-screen, be sure to mention that

A perfect example can be seen here.

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