Due to a recent event on the wiki, I'm going to go over Wikipedia's rules on "Offensive material".

According to the guidelines, "offensive material" (i.e. swears, slurs, etc.) are not to be used unless it is from a direct quote. For example, there are several influences in the Death Note series in which characters swear, and it is acceptable, when using those quotes for an article, to include the swear. However, using swears in blog entries, articles, etc., when not in the context previously stated, is not allowed. Bowdlerizing swears is also not acceptable.

Personally, I swear like an *insert expletive here* sailor, but that is beside the point. Rules are rules. The penalties for swearing will be discussed by the admins, and when we come to a consensus, I will inform you all.

Concerning the user who was banned, I am going to discuss this with Kira4real and see if I can get the banned user another chance.

Other "Offensive Material"

Other things that qualify as offensive material include:

  • inappropriate/pornographic images: one warning before you are banned for a month; banning period will increase to a year, then life, if continued
  • sexual harassment: same penalties as the former
  • death threats: immediate life ban
  • general harassment: penalty will vary depending on what is said
  • arguments: all arguments should be civilized, and more akin to debates; don't make me turn this wiki around, kids
  • inappropriate username: will automatically be reported to admins at the main Wiki

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