Hi, I just have some notes on templates:

  • on pages using templates, do not change the order of things within the template
  • on pages using templates, do not erase any part of the template. If information part of the template gives does not apply for a certain page, or if the information on that part is currently unavailable, just leave it blank; it won't appear. Deleting parts of the template can make things difficult because the order is out of wack, making it confusing. Also, we're constantly finding out new information that can be added. If we don't have the French voice actor for Jack Neylon, don't erase the “|french=” part of the template. Instead, leave it blank. Someone may later find out this information
  • please so not change the page's picture. If it has not picture, than you can, but otherwise, so not. Page pictures for main characters are voted on
  • don't use fanart for a page picture. Always use the anime picture of the page, since it'a colored. If the page does not appear in the anime, a manga picture is acceptable. If not in the manga, either, than in the movies, etc.
  • pictures on pages such as Light Yagami and Shiori Akino are not fanart. They were drawn by Obata
  • for any more assistance on templates, view the page “Template:name-goes-here”. I've added helpful information for some, such as the “Human” template, and may add it to other templates as well
  • if you have any ideas for new templates or what could be added/changed to current templates, please post that onto my talk page.
  • if a page needs a template, go to the template page (be sure it's the right one) and copy andnpastebthe code to the page. Then just fill out the info. If there is no template for what you're looking for, post on my talk page and ask if there is one, and of not, I'll see if I can make one
  • regarding info on character stats (e.g. intelligence, creativity, blood type, weight, birthday, etc.): this information is all official, and was gathered from the official anime, manga and movie guide books, made by Ohba, Obata and people who worked on the anime and/or film adaptions of Death Note

Bottom line: do not mess with the templates XD

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