So I contribute on Dragon Age Wiki which (unsurprisingly) has a ton of more pages than ours does, which is to be expected for a wiki about a video game which also has novels, comics, movies, etc. A lot of other wikis also have more pages than we do. Hell, if I wasn't so lazy, my wiki would probably have more pages than ours. I realize Death Note isn't a very long series, but there is still a lot to work with, and a lot of potential additions we could make to the wiki. So, here's what I think should be focused on:

• if possible, expand article stubs

• there are 33 other episodes of the anime that could use transcripts, as well as the two Relight episodes

• if anyone can read and translate Japanese, please leave a message on my wall, we have 2-3 characters whose information is in Japanese; if we can translate it, we can make a page

• anyone who owns any of the Death Note games and can understand them should leave a message on my wall

• anyone who owns any of the novels or has seen the movie, if you can remember any characters exclusive to these, please make a page for them

• there are six other Black Edition volumes that can have pages created for them

• add quotes to beginning of chapter, episode, or character pages (e.g. Feelings Within, Revival, Beyond Birthday, et cetera).

• add pages for music, specifically themes (e.g. Misa's Theme A). For themes, please try to find out every episode in which the song is featured. For example, every episode featuring "Misa's Theme A" should be listed on the page in the template. That is actually one thing that can be done, too, for specifically that page. There are a lot of themes, so there are a lot of potential pages that can be made.

If we do this, then we will have a total of 44+ more pages.

Check this blog post often to see if I've updated with any additional tasks that can be done on the wiki.

StillAlive (talk) 17:10, February 25, 2014 (UTC)

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