• Username1994

    The Author and L

    June 22, 2016 by Username1994

    People argue that Tsugumi Ohba is a pen name. Some say Hiroshi Gamou is the author of Death Note manga. Others say it is Asami Yuuko! Well! I guess, as crazy as it may sound, the Author has no certain name ( Remember; a nameless orphan) He is all Hiroshi, Asami, Tsugumi and any other. This means that a search for the author's name is not the right beginning, maybe more attention should be given to the characters, L in specific. L used a name of a celebrity Hideki Ryuga as well as the Author used the name Asami Yuuko. What about the fake rule; If the user of the Death Note fails to consecutively write names within 13 days of each other, then the user will die, in how to use list of the death note. Why 13 days and why the Author wrote How to rea…

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