So hi there! Today's my first time posting at the Death Note Wikia. I've actually started reading some DN fanfics lately, which I'd never looked into before. There are some really awesome ones out there. It's been a while since I'd watched DN (trying to forget the details so that when I do rewatch the episodes it'll feel a bit newer.) So I've been frequenting the wikia to look for names that are only vague to me now. While looking around I've found a few places lacking, so I've tried to chip in a bit.

Mostly I've added more categories (it makes things easier for me to look for images, etc.) and I've also added a new template for episodes, though it needs a bit of work.

The new template I've added/made/tweeked is one to include for each episode. I think it'll give each page a cleaner and more organized look.


Along with the template I've uploaded 18 screen caps to go with the first 18 episodes. People may want to choose which image will represent that episode, but I think the ones I've chosen will do for now. You can check out what pics I've uploaded on my User Page.

Here are some of the categories:


Category:Anime Images

Category:Manga Images

Category:Artwork by Obata Takeshi



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