Watari (ワタリ, Watari) is L's handler and the supplier of logistics to the Japanese Task Force. He is also the founder of Wammy's House, an orphanage that has produced some of the best detective minds in the world, including L, BB, Mello, Near, and Matt.



Watari has white hair and grey eyes. When in disguise as L's assistant, he wears a long black trench coat and a hat that covers his face. After he reveals his appearance to the Japanese Task Force, Watari wears a black tuxedo with a black hat and glasses.


Watari is a famous inventor and the founder of Wammy's House, an orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England. Using the fortune he made as an inventor, he built an orphanage that teaches children with special talents and sends them out into the world. Before the Task Force is formed, he is the only person known to have seen L and the only one capable of contacting L directly. Like L, he represents himself with a Cloister Black "W" on computer screens. Since L's time at Wammy's House, Watari has been a fatherly figure to him, though in his role as L's handler he acts as a butler. Watari is well-trained in espionage and marksmanship. According to Death Note 13: How To Read, Watari likes Earl Grey tea and dislikes dirty rooms.


Watari first appears during an Interpol emergency meeting, informing the officers present that L is currently working on the Kira case.[1] He is seen again when the Task Force members first meet L, this time wearing his less conspicuous tuxedo. He is repeatedly seen bringing L trays of desserts in the first several months of the Kira investigation. During the Kyosuke Higuchi chase, Watari stopped Higuchi from completing suicide by shooting the gun from his hand with a rifle shot from a helicopter.

After Light Yagami regains his Death Note, he corners Rem into killing Watari and L to save Misa, causing her own death from increasing Misa's lifespan. During his heart attack, Watari presses a kill-switch button which causes deletion of all data at Task Force headquarters. L told him to do this if something 'strange' were to happen to him. His death in the anime is nearly identical to his death in the manga, with the exception that in the anime, Rem is shown behind Watari, stepping back into the shadows with her one visible eye glowing red.

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Film seriesEdit


Watari as he appears in the films

Watari appears in the first three films of the Death Note film series in much the same role as in canon. In Death Note: Last Name and L: Change the WorLd, Watari dies of a heart attack in the elevator while bringing Misa back into headquarters for questioning. When Watari dies, L realizes that Light is making his move, allowing L to fake his death at the right moment to trick Light. Watari's death deeply upsets L, and he regrets that he didn't realize that Light would target him.

Wammy's House is notably different in the film series, and many other talented individuals were brought up there as part of Watari's vision to make the world better. After Watari dies and L solves the Kira case, L emails several other Wammy's House members to inform them of his death. K replies instantly, saying that she will mourn him. Watari's death notably affects Kimiko Kujo, and L uses Watari's belief for her as leverage to get her to reconsider her actions.

J later brings him up in attempt to help Ryuzaki in the Death Note: New Generation episode Ryuzaki's Chapter: Dying Wish, saying she would help Ryuzaki the way Watari helped L. Ryuzaki turns down J's offer because one of L's biggest regrets was that Watari had to die, so Ryuzaki will not make the same mistake.

In the films, he is played by Shunji Fujimura, who felt that Watari's presence would "come alive" if he projected "the mood of this mysterious old gentleman without the air of livelihood."


Watari Nendoroid

A Watari Nendoroid petite

  • Watari was one of the Death Note characters that were made into Nendoroid figures; however, he was only made into a Nendoroid petite. Light, L, Misa, and Ryuk were the only characters made into the primary Nendoroid figures, but they were also made into Nendoroid petites.

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