We should be going into a more peaceful era now.

— Yamamoto (Chapter 16: Handstand)

Yamamoto (山本, Yamamoto) is one of Light Yagami's friends from high school. He eventually becomes a member of the Japanese Task Force.


Yamamoto has dark, cheek-length hair and wears glasses.


He and Light's other friend from high school often discuss Kira with Light. The two of them gradually grow to become Kira supporters and believe that the deaths of criminals will be for the betterment of society.

Yamamato joins the Task Force within the year after Light dies. He and Matsuda are friends of a sort. According to Matsuda, they've gone drinking together, apparently more often than Yamamoto would like. Yamamoto also makes an appearance in the One-Shot Special.


  • When Yamamoto first appears in chapter 16, his name is spelled "山元" in the Japanese version of the manga. The updated, colored version of the manga retains the 山元 spelling but his appearances in the last chapter and the epilogue use the 山本 spelling.[1]