Yoshi (ヨッシー, Yosshi) is Misa Amane's original manager.


Yoshi has long, smooth, black hair that she keeps tied in a high bun. She also wears a pair of black glasses and red lipstick. She has dark-brown eyes.


Yoshi only appears once, right after Ryuzaki first meets Misa at To-Oh University. Yoshi grabs Misa by the hand and drags her off to work. Misa is soon after arrested under the suspicion of being the Second Kira, though it is done so discreetly, as to not cause panic. Just in case, Yoshi is also arrested under false charges of drug possession.

After Misa's release, Yoshi does not come back as her manager, instead being replaced by Touta Matsuda, and later on, Kanzo Mogi.

In other mediaEdit

With the exception of the anime, which closely follows the manga, Yoshi has not appeared in any adaptations.

In the live action film series, instead of her coming to retrieve Misa, Light tells Misa that he has to go to class and suggests that she go back to work, to which she obliges.

In the Death Note television drama, Misa has a male manager instead, and the circumstances of her being taken into confinement are different.