Yukito Shiraba (雪兎 ロロ, Shiraba Yukito) is a motorcycle traffic cop.


Shiraba stops Kyosuke Higuchi, who is speeding in order to reach Sakura TV before Touta Matsuda can reveal that he is Kira. Higuchi uses his Shinigami Eyes to get the name of the officer, which he writes in the Death Note while pretending to look for identification. Higuchi then speeds off again in the middle of the stop. Shiraba sets off in pursuit, only to suffer a fatal accident caused by the Death Note, crashing into a lorry.

This leads Ryuzaki to realize that Higuchi has acquired the means to kill just by looking at a person's face, and he orders extra precautions to be taken in order to ensure Higuchi's eventual arrest.

Yukito's death

Yukito dies in an accident