Zakk Irius (ザック・イリウス, Zakku Iriusu) is used by the Mafia to converse with the Japanese Task Force at the airport.


Irius has long blond hair and keeps his bangs parted. He wears a black suit with a red tie.


The organization kills Irius after he guides Soichiro Yagami to the correct aircraft to rescue his daughter Sayu Yagami. He dies of a heart attack when the airplane lands, his name having been written in the Sidoh's Death Note by the Mafia. He does not die like this in the anime, as he was not the one that led Soichiro Yagami to the correct aircraft, however, he later dies in episode twenty-nine when Light writes down the names of several Mafia members, including Irius, in his Death Note.