Zellogi (ゼルオギー, Zeruogī) is a Shinigami.


Zellogi wears a feathered Native American headdress and has a hook in place of his left hand. His pulled-back lips reveal small, sharp teeth, and his tailbone extends down between his legs.


Zellogi takes an interest in Ryuk's activities in the Human World, and humans in particular, after learning that Ryuk's Death Note is in a human's possession. Despite his feeble appearance, he has a highly inquisitive nature. His interests are in soft items, and he dislikes humidity. Zellogi is also seen gambling with other Shinigami.

In one scene, he is seen talking to three unnamed Shinigami, joking about Ryuk's activities in the Human World, referring to Ryuk as Light's "uncute pet," and laughing at him.

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